International Driver's License in Malta

International Driver's License In Malta

Apply Now For Your International Driver's License In Malta

You should visit Malta at least once in your lifetime. Compared to popular holiday destinations such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece, Malta is a travel option that people know little about. This island-nation is a must-see holiday destination due to reasons including

  1. Maltese are kind-hearted people that are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity.
  2. Language barrier is a major issue that international travelers often has to deal with, however, the fact that English is Malta’s second official language obviously helps and takes away a language barrier that many guests to other holiday destinations face time and again.
  3. In comparison to most travel destinations, there are a large number of fascinating museums and attractions that testify to Malta’s rich and turbulent history within a relatively small area.
  4. Talking about accommodation in Malta, there’s a huge range of possibilities you can explore (in terms of the choice of hotels) when looking for a place to stay, and affordable at the same time.
  5. The weather in Malta is one major reason that attracts over a million tourists to the Maltese island.
  6. You are rest assured of never being bored in Malta with a large number of things to do and see, and a variety of sports and other leisure activities to engage in including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, scuba diving, paragliding and windsurfing, among others.
  7. Malta offers a vibrant nightlife, with some big names in the international club scene attached to it, such as Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Carl Cox.
  8. If you are a beach person, there’s no way you can miss Malta that offers a few great options, some of which aren’t easy to find and therefore less likely to attract the masses.

After reading this if you are planning for a trip to Malta or some other country, make sure to obtain an International Driver’s License (IDL), which serves as a translation of your native driver's license into multiple foreign languages, so there is no trouble understanding it by English-speaking and foreign authorities. When planning an overseas trip (leisure or business trip overseas), we just think about all the pleasant things in store (which is right also), however, it is equally important to stay prepared for a couple of less-than-ideal situations that you may face on the roads during your travels in foreign lands- obtaining an International Driver’s License is a crucial step in that direction.

Here are a few reasons you should obtain an IDL:

  1. Cut back on your risk of being fined. Non-resident drivers are required to have an international driver’s license to lawfully drive a vehicle in many countries. If you don't have one and you get stopped by law enforcement, you could face a hefty fine.
  2. Easy communication with local authorities. This is especially helpful in countries where English is not the spoken language. IDL presents the information on your domestic driver's license into 8 of the most common foreign languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese), which will make any interactions you have with local authorities go smoothly.
  3. This crucial piece of document is required by major rental car agencies. If public transport is not an option and you are looking forward to renting a car during your trip, this document can play a critical role as most major rental car companies require renters to provide a valid international driver’s license.
  4. Provides peace of mind. Why stress over the possibility of being fined for doing something unlawful, when all you need is an IDL that can be acquired easily. Having an international driver’s license while driving in a foreign country gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're on the right side of the law.

Obtaining an International Driver’s License:

To qualify for an international driver’s license you must be 18 or older, and should have a valid government issued driver's license.  No test required to receive an international driver's document. All applications are processed within 24 hours. 

  • For an online application, you will have to complete an application form, upload your photo, signature and a copy of your native driver's license.
  • For mail applications, download the application, fill it out completely and sign it.  Include your color photo, copy of your native driver's license and your payment.
  • For both online and mail-in applications, submit a color photo with preferably neutral or white background, IDL Worldwide does not accept photos from passport, driver's license or any other form of an ID.