International Driver's License in Italy

International Driver's License In Italy

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People often visit other countries for work, vacation or to visit their loved ones. If you are planning to move to a foreign country and public transport is not an option, renting a car could be a good idea, for that you will need an International Driver’s License (IDL). You might face difficulties dealing with local authorities or car rental agencies as you travel as a tourist in a country where the language spoken is different from yours, as they will not be able to understand the information included in your native driving license- this is where an International Driver’s License comes in.

  1. The main goal to obtain an International Driver’s License is to be able to have translated versions of your government issued native driver’s license into most common foreign languages.  This makes it easy for foreign officials to interpret your driver’s license.
  2. The IDL is designed to be both simple to use, as well as easy to comprehend for English and non-English speaking persons.
  3. You are not required to take any test.  But, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, and must have a valid government issued driver’s license to get your IDL.

This is a special document that works in conjunction with your standard license to give you rights to drive a vehicle on foreign soil.

Prior to embarking on a journey to your destination country, it is very important you make sure you know the requirements for driving. If you need a license, you will want to get one ahead of your trip. Obtaining an international driving license involves an easy-to-follow process.

There are few steps needed to get the International Driver's License:

First and foremost, you must take care of the validity of your government issued native driver’s license. The driving license issued by the native country should be valid. Make sure to renew it if its expiration date is near. The validity of the International Driver's License is as good as the validity of the original driving license. Your International Driver's License works in conjunction with your native driver's license, it does not replace it.

  1. You get the application form online. Just visit a credible website and find all the information there. This process can be easily performed online, or you can fill out the application manually and send it by regular mail, along with all necessary documents.

  1. Get passport photos - When you fill out the application for the International Driving Document, you will find it calls for two passport photos. Fix an appointment with a local photography studio or check with stores that develop film. For both online and mail-in applications, submit a color photo with preferably neutral or white background, photos from passport, driver's license or any other form of an ID might not be accepted.
  2. Photocopy of signature – Use a digital camera to take a picture of your handwritten signature, or you just scan the image. Make sure the quality of your signature image has good quality and resolution.

Language barrier is one of the major issues an international traveler might deal with. Therefore, having the International Driver’s License can be instrumental in helping to overcome misunderstandings between a country's officials if they will not be able to interpret the information in your native driver license. IDL provides a translation of your Driver's License into 8 most common foreign languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese). It helps foreign officials comprehend your native driver's license.

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  • For an online application, you will have to complete an application form, upload your photo, signature and a copy of your native driver's license.
  • For mail applications, download the application, fill it out completely and sign it.  Include your color photo, copy of your native driver's license and your payment.
  • For both online and mail-in applications, submit a color photo with preferably neutral or white background, IDL Worldwide does not accept photos from passport, driver's license or any other form of an ID.