International Driver's License in Germany

International Driver's License In Germany

Apply Now For Your International Driver's License In Germany

An International Driver’s License (IDL) is a legal requirement to drive or rent a car in foreign countries, which you must obtain prior to traveling overseas. It is also a crucial piece of travel document for your safety and ease of travel for you to have a worry-free exploration.

Your International Driver’s License basically is a valid form of identification in several different countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information. It translates your identification information into 8 most common foreign languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese) — so it speaks the language even if you don’t, helping foreign officials interpret your native driver's license. Germany highly recommends an International Driving License.

Key rules and regulations for driving in Germany:

  1. Make sure you always have documents, including your driving license (International Driver’s License in case you are arriving in Germany), your V5C certificate to prove ownership of your car or document to show you’ve rented the car, your passport, proof of insurance.
  2. Safety on the roads is a huge deal in Germany, and there are safety items you must carry in the car at all times, including warning triangle (mandatory for all vehicles with four wheels or more), reflective safety jackets, first aid kit, beam deflectors, and safety helmet if riding a motorcycle. Make sure to have winter tires fitted or carry snow chains if you’re driving where there may be snow or ice (though not mandatory, but as the saying goes, better be safe than sorry).
  3. Key driving rules-
    1. Speed limits- Motorways – 130 km/h; Main roads - 100 km/h; Urban areas – 50 km/h
    2. It’s true German beer is some of the finest in the world, however, there is a zero tolerance rule in effect for drivers who have less than two years experience or are under 21.
  4. Seatbelts must be worn at all times by both the driver and passengers. Failure to do so while driving in Germany will result in a hefty fine. Children aged under three aren’t allowed to travel without a child seat, children aged three or over must travel in the rear seats, children under the age of 12 and less than 1.5m tall must use a child seat or restraint, in case child seat or restraint is not available, and the child is over three, they may use a standard seatbelt, and all child seats and safety equipment must conform to European standards.
  5. In Germany, if you come across the sign that signals ‘no overtaking,’ it means you cannot overtake a vehicle with more than two wheels. Steer clear of overtaking a car, lorry or other four-wheeled vehicle.
  6. Last, but not the least, comes parking. Make sure to follow Germany’s parking regulations. If you are hit with an on-the-spot fine and cannot (or refuse to) pay, then your vehicle can be confiscated.

Follow these rules and tips, and you are on your way to making driving in Germany smooth and enjoyable.

How to get your IDL at IDL Worldwide:

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Get Approved- Wait for your confirmation and you are all set! At IDL Worldwide, requests are processed within 24 hours. For any query, our customer service representatives can be reached at 732-851-3636. Monday-Friday- 8 am-4 pm.

Why IDL Worldwide:

  1. Our online application process is easy and simple.
  2. Call us at 732-851-3636 to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives for any query or to apply for an IDL over phone.
  3. Mail application- Just download our form, complete it, and mail to us. We will then process your application.
  4. Renew & Replace- Renewing or replacing your IDL document is quick and easy because your information is kept in our database.

Remember that the biggest benefit of having an International Driving License is that you can rent a vehicle on foreign land. This crucial piece of document is intended to overcome the difficulties drivers might face while traveling in other countries that may have widely varying licensing requirements. You do not have to hire a chauffeur and can drive by yourself. An IDL can be used along with a car license issued in your home country. It is advised that you apply for an IDL on a permanent driving license as the validity of a learning license is short.