International Driver's License in Austria

International Driver's License in Austria

Apply Now For Your International Driver's License In Austria

Driving in Austria is a great idea for experiencing everything this European nation has to offer. Having control of your own car is one of the best ways to discover and explore the smaller towns and natural areas. Driving in Austria may pose some challenges to international visitors, but if you know the rules of the road and have an International Driver’s License (IDL), you will enjoy your trip without any hassle with complete safety. The best thing about driving in Austria is that the rules of the road are much easier to follow as many of the rules are the same as they are in your home country.

IDL is not a license but rather a translation of the data on your government issued driver's license into eight languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese) designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for foreign authorities. It is a requirement in Austria and some other European countries. If you are stopped by the police for any reason (hopefully not happening) they will most often ask to see it. Also some reputable car rental agencies ask for this crucial piece of document before renting cars to international visitors.

Driving a vehicle in Austria:

Driver's license

An international driver’s license is required for Austria, which you can purchase online through and is valid for one year. When driving abroad, it is important to carry both your IDL and your state driver's license with you at all times, where the former document serves as an officially and internationally recognized translation of your license.

Traffic regulations

Traffic regulations are similar to those of other European countries. The speed limit is 100 km/h [62 mph] on freeways and 130 km/h [81 mph] on highways. In residential and urban areas, the speed limit is usually set at 50 km/h [31 mph].

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Driving while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) is completely prohibited and severely punished, which can result in you having to pay a hefty fine, and loss of your driver's license. The maximum limit of blood-alcohol level is 0.05%.

All traffic accidents that result in personal injury must be reported to the police right away. Accidents leading to material damage must be reported only when the identity of the other party cannot be established.

Transportation is a very important factor that must be taken into consideration as you start planning your trip to Austria in regards to where you are going to fly in, and what company you will rent a car and drive yourself around to all the amazing and unforgettable sites and experiences. Possessing an International Driver’s License implies you understand all the laws and regulations to safely drive on the Austrian roads.

For residents of Austria or the European Union, you are qualified for an Austrian driver’s license or an International Driver’s License once you hit the age of 18, which also is the official driving age in Austria and most of the rest of the world. There is a large fine for driving without an IDL for international visitors in Austria, don’t let it ruin your holiday.

Steps to Apply for an International Driver’s License:

There are a few things you need in order to complete the online process at properly. The following requirements pertain to people regardless of where they live in the world:

  1. Computer and internet access
  2. Fill out online application with all form fields filled out
  3. Upload your signature and a valid country-issued driver’s license
  4. Two passport photos with clear images of your face
  5. Payment methods include payment through debit cards, credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, you may as well complete your payment through Western Union or Money Gram services or mail a money order (personal checks not accepted), you can also make a payment by telephone, simply call IDL Worldwide at 732-851-3636 (you must have complete online application with an application ID number handy so representative can locate your application).

At IDL Worldwide, requests are processed within 24 hours. For any query, our customer service representatives can be reached at 732-851-3636. Monday-Friday- 8 am-4 pm. You are advised to plan in advance (to acquire an IDL) to easily rent a car or drive around on your European vacation, and create memorable experiences with your loved ones.