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IDL transaltion consists of a plastic card and passport size booklet. IDL Card provides your identity information as stated on your driver's license and IDL Booklet provides a translation into 8 most common foreign languages such as (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese). For your convenience, we offer shipping service to 195+ countries around the world. For more information on Shipping and Handling service click here.

     IDL    Validity    Fee
     IDL Booklet & Plastic Card - 1 Year    1 Year $25.00 
     IDL Booklet & Plastic Card - 2 Years     2 Years $35.00
     IDL Booklet & Plastic Card - 3 Years    3 Years  $45.00
     IDL Booklet & Plastic Card - 5 Years    5 Years $55.00
     IDL Booklet & Plastic Card - 10 Years    10 Years   $65.00
     IDL Protection Plan*   $14.99
     Resident State ID Card **     5 Years $25.00
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* IDL Protection Plan – this option will serve you in a future of replacing your card and booklet free of charge for duration of your IDL. Shipping and Handling fee is excluded and must be paid at the time of replacement.  Should your IDL or parts of your IDL (card/booklet) gets lost or stolen, contact us right away. We will immediately arrange for a free replacement card/booklet to be sent to you by mail.

** Resident State ID Card – Non-driver photo identification, includes your resident’s address credentials and photo. ID Card provides your with additional form of identification.