What is an IDL translation?

IDL is a translation of your foreign issued driver's license designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for both the English and non-English speaker. The IDL translation has no official status and does not confer any legal privileges or rights on consumer. IDP or commonly known as International Driving Permit which is only provided by government agency.

Does the IDL translation replaces my driver's license?

Absolutely NOT, it does not replace your government issued driver's license. 

Is an IDL translation and International Driving Permit the same kind of document?

No. The International Driving Permit is issued by AAA or any other international/domestic automobile associations from your home country, which are authorized to issue and IDP .

What type of documentation do I need in order to apply?

For an online application, you will be instructed to complete an application form, upload your photo, signature and a copy of your foreign driver's license.
For mail applications, download the application, fill it out completely and sign it.  Include your color photo, copy of your foreign driver's license and your payment.

What are the photo requirements for completing an online or mail-in application?

For both online and mail-in applications, submit a color photo with preferably neutral or white background, we do not accept photos from passport, driver's license or any other form of an ID.

What if I have receive a violation ticket or confiscation? 

It's your responsibility to become familiar with and obey the traffic laws of the country you are visiting. Officials have the right to accept or refuse your IDL translation.  We are not responsible for customers committing traffic violations, receiving traffic tickets and fines, misrepresentation of yourself and others, and for the confiscations.

Is IDL translation being accepted in Japan for driving and or renting a vehicle?

In Japan authorities accept an IDP issued by AAA or NAC or any other international/domestic automobile associations from your home country, which are authorized to issue and IDP.    

Are there certain categories that I should select?

Selected categories must always reflect the endorsements that are on your current foreign driver's license.

   Category A - Motorcycle
   Category B - Covers most passenger vehicles, including cars, sport utility vehicles, pickup tracks and vans
   Category C - Vehicles over 7,700 lbs.
   Category D - Vehicles over 8 seats
   Category E - Truck with trailer

What if I have problems uploading my attachments to my online application?

Simply email your attachments to info@idlorder.com please do not forget to indicate your application number.  We would be happy to upload your images on your behalf.

How do I renew?

Please contact our Customer Service representatives to renew.

  • Visit "Contact Us" page on our website at /contact-us. Complete the form and you will receive an email with instructions.

How may I replace or request a duplicate?

There is a fee of $35.00 to replace your order plus the cost of shipping. You may contact us via email info@idlorder.com in regards to your replacement.  Or, you may complete the "Contact Us" form at /contact-us and receive instructions by email.

What is the Protection Plan?

The Protection Plan must be purchased at the same time of purchase.  If your card is lost or stolen or needs changes, then we can be replaced free of charge.  Please note that shipping charges will apply and must be paid at the time of replacement. 

What is your Return Policy?

All sales are final. If you have received an incorrect, damaged or defective item, please contact us so we can replace your order.

What is your Privacy Policy?

IDL Worldwide Service is the sole owner.  All information collected from this site is never shared, rented, or sold to anyone else.  IDL worldwide does not share any collected personal or demographic information with anyone, or any third parties.

How do I become an Agent?

Please complete the form "Become an Agent" form at /agent-program. Our agents receive a discount of $10.00 of each application and save on shipping cost by combining their applications into one order.