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Started in 2007, IDL Worldwide Service has enjoyed tremendous success! IDL Worldwide Service owes tremendous thanks to both our customers and our community. We take pride in delivering an exceptional service to our customers all over the world. You have made our success possible. We do hope you’ll continue to be a part of our unfolding story.

There is no greater responsibility than safeguarding your personal identity. Here at IDL Worldwide Service, we carry out that responsibility in the most professional and effective way possible.

How our team can most effectively work together to further our mission is central to everything we do at IDL Worldwide Service. We constantly challenge our agents and employees to strive for excellence in their work. By setting goals, we help to improve our employees, which in turn, improves our company.

We help both employees and agents to fully understand our mission and their role in accomplishing that mission. We actively listen to concerns, suggestions, and encourage innovation with our team. We take pride in recruiting high-quality people, and we train them correctly right from the start, building their trust, fostering pride in their work, and developing mutual team support.